Welcome to One Body Ministries

Who is One Body Ministry?

We are the umbrella organization for many member organizations.  We have two main types of groups to support. 

The first desire and goal is to help other organizations and ministries become more successful by aiding and providing technical assistance using computer, network and web based technologies.  We want those organizations to be able focus on their mission and not have to worry about the day to day problems and issues concerning technology, but still be able to take full advantage of it. 

The second is to help the local church bodies meet the needs of the individual people.  This latter case, is to provide temporary assistance such as mowing, minor home repairs, etc.

What are some biblical references on which One Body Ministry is founded?

Romans 12:4-8, 1 Corinthians 12:27-30, Luke 10:29-37 and many others.

Who is eligible?

Most everyone are eligible for assistance.  If assistance isn't provided by your church, and they are a member of One Body Ministries, then the church or another One Body Ministry member can refer  the need to us.

What is the process?

We primarily support members of local church bodies.  Each local church must become a member of One Body Ministry.  Even though this may sound exclusive, it is not.  It is managing growth, funding and need.  Most local churches already have benevolence fund or some other ministry(ies) to support the local membership and outreach body.  We provide an alliance with them.  In this manner we can each be responsive to the immediate needs of the individual or family in the time of crisis.  Thus stating, please contact your local church or deacon committee first.

Why can't someone contact One Body Ministry first?

It is not that we cannot be contacted first.  But we do not want to subvert or work around the local churches.  They are on the front line providing many kinds of assistance.  We support their work as well as provide coordination of assistance that they may not be able to provide within their local ministries.